Spider Mite Treatment

Have you noticed white stippling on some of the leaves of your plants? Stipplings can occur for a number of reasons, but if you have seen white speaks on the veins of your plant, or the leaves have turned a yellow-reddish color and fallen off, you are probably dealing with spider mites. Spider mites are related to spiders and mites in that they are in the same arachnid class. They are small, oval-shaped mites that feed on the tissue and fluid of leaves by piercing them. If any of this sounds familiar to you, call Fort Worth Arborist Co.! Our licensed and insured arborists are able to inspect your plants and determine if you need spider mite treatment for your Fort Worth, TX plants.

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Unsure If You Have Spider Mites?

One of the biggest telltale signs that you have spider mite infestation is a type of webbing that is found on the plant. These webs that they produce are there in order to protect their eggs and themselves. Other common signs are the white stippling on the veins, as well as the color change of the leaves. When there is an infestation of spider mites, it can cause stress to the plant, weakening it and decreasing its health. Spider mites are able to gain access to plants by the gardener themselves or through a plant that has been given as a gift. Spider mites can lie dormant when the weather isn’t to their liking and can appear when the weather is more hot and dry. To diagnose the issue by a professional arborist, call us today! We can offer spider mite treatment in Fort Worth, TX if we find any spider mites.


Why Spider Mites Treatment?

Prevent Plant Damage

Stop Rapid Spread

Protect Other Plants

Enjoy Healthy, Beautiful Plants

Call Our Arborists for Expert Spider Mite Treatment

The most common types of spider mites in Texas are the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) and southern red mite (Oligonychus illicis MacGregor). Whatever type of mite that has infected your plants, we are able to help. Our arborists can spray the infected plants in order to get rid of the spider mites. If the infestation is large, we might have to use insecticidal oil to rid your plants of spider mites. We won’t use an insecticide as that doesn’t affect the spider mites; instead, the insecticide kills off insects that feed on spider mites.

When the spider mites have been discarded, it’s important that we focus on the health of your plant. We can prune infected areas and use a fertilizer that doesn’t have a ton of nitrogen in it. If you need a sick plant or tree help, contact the certified ISA arborists at Fort Worth Arborist Co.We can provide health care for your plants and trees, as well as treatment plans like spider mite treatment in Fort Worth, TX. Dial 817-975-0180 to talk to one of our arborists today.

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 FAQ: Spider Mites Treatment Fort Worth

How do I know if I have spider mites?

Look for tiny webs, stippled leaves (small yellow dots), and fine webbing, especially under leaves.

Can I treat spider mites myself?

Early infestations may respond to DIY methods temporarily. Professional intervention ensures proper identification, targeted treatment, and preventative advice for severe cases to minimize the risk of damaging re-infestations.

What kills spider mites?

Our Fort Worth specialists use safe, targeted insecticidal soaps, miticides, and predatory insects for eco-friendly control.

How much does professional spider mite treatment cost in Fort Worth?

Price depends on property size, infestation severity, and chosen treatments. 

Will spider mites come back after treatment?

Preventative measures are key. Fort Worth pros can advise on monitoring and maintenance to stop re-infestations.

Do spider mites bite humans or pets?

Most spider mites found on plants won’t bite humans or animals. However, some closely related species might cause itchy irritation.

What happens if spider mites go untreated?

Untreated infestations lead to severe plant damage, leaf drop, stunted growth, and can even kill plants. Mites spread easily, destroying whole gardens or landscapes.