Lace Bug Treatment

Lace Bug Treatment

Have you noticed that some of your plants have discoloration or yellow or white displing on the leaves? These are both signs of lace bug infestation, which can severely affect the appearance of your plants. Lace bugs are small insects (about 1/8 of an inch) that have a lacy appearance due to a clear cell over their wings. There are over 150 species of lace bugs but in the state of Texas, the most prominent ones you will see are oak lace bug, hawthorne lace bug, cotton lace bug, and lantana lace bug. If you think your plants have been infested with lace bugs, call Fort Worth Arborist Co. at 817-975-0180! Our professional arborists are able to come up with a lace bag treatment plan for your Fort Worth, TX home or business.


Lace Bug Traits

Leaf spot is mostly caused by a fungus, but can also be caused by bacteria infestation, drought, chemicals, or even insect damage. However, the most common reason is almost always fungal. For leaf spot to occur, it has to be warm and wet. Fungal spores float around in the air, finding plants that are warm and wet. In order for the fungus to incubate, it requires moisture. When there is a lot of rain, it’s easy for fungal spores to thrive on plants, which in turn causes leaf spots. If you have noticed for the last couple of years that your leaves turn yellow, then brown, then fall off, you might want to call us for our leaf spot treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

How do you know for sure that you have lace bugs attacking your plants? If you are noticing that your oak, sycamore, ash, or hickory plants aren’t looking so hot, look on the underside of the leaf. Lace bugs make their home and feed on the plants by sucking the fluid from the leaves. The biggest trait that a lace bug is present is the appearance of black spots under the leaves.

For Lace Bug Treatment, Call Us!

Unfortunately, once damage has already been done to the plant it cannot be reversed. However, there are ways to stop the infestation of lace bugs and that is by keeping your plants healthy. At Fort Worth Arborist Co. there are several ways we can do this. Our arborists can wash down your plants that are infected by lace bugs and then prune and dispose of the areas that are damaged. From there we will remove mulch and other debris that might have come into contact with the lace bugs and replace it with mulch that isn’t made from the plant that the lace bug likes. If you are interested in our complete lace bug treatment plan for your Fort Worth, TX property, call us at 817-975-0180 today. We are the arborists to call for any type of sick tree or plant help!


One of our neighbor's oak trees had oak wilt, so we called Fort Worth Arborist Co to have them check our trees for problems. They came out the next week and checked our trees and a number of our neighbors' trees as well. Then we received a detailed report via no charge! Excellent company...would highly recommend them any time.

I have sought FTW Arborist's services multiple times over the years and they never disappoint. Our front trees are maples, not native to Texas. They've...