Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree Trimming and Pruning in Fort Worth, TX

As homeowners and business owners, it’s important to keep your trees looking great and healthy. In order to achieve this, it’s essential that you invest in professional tree pruning and trimming services. Both trimming and pruning are critical facets of not only the health of your tree but to motivate tree growth and maintain the natural beauty of your trees. It might seem like an easy task to undertake, but both tree trimming and pruning require not only skill but tree knowledge, as well. One wrong experience and you could hurt yourself and your tree. To ensure that your trees are properly taken care of and that you aren’t put at risk, call Fort Worth Arborist Co.!

When our arborists provide tree pruning and tree trimming, we follow ANSI A-300 standards. We are known as specialists in pruning ornamental and shade trees, but we are, of course, able to take on large-scale services for shrubs and vines. If you are looking for an arboricultural services company who is insured, licensed, and ISA certified, call us at 817-975-0180! We are able to provide affordable and expert tree pruning and tree trimming in Fort Worth, TX. Guarantee your trees health and appearance are at its very best when you contact our professionals today.


Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

A lot of times many people think that pruning and trimming are the same things, but that isn’t the case. While both of them help improve the health and appearance of the tree, their functions are completely different. Tree pruning is something we provide in order to protect shrubs and trees, which involves removing leaves, twigs, and branches that are dead, unsteady, or infected with pests or disease. Trimming trees is a service that increases the growth of a tree and is used to remove excess leaves and branches that limit the amount of light and moisture that the tree gets.

While both are able to improve the health of trees, boosts the structure, and enhance the appearance, they both have their individual benefits. Pruning can extend the life of a tree, it minimizes tree disease, lowers insect and mite infestation, maximizes the growth of trees, and decreases the risk of property damage. Trimming can maximize air circulation and sun exposure, as well as train the shape of a tree. Trimming is usually recommended twice a year, whereas pruning is completed each year. No matter if you need tree pruning or tree trimming in Fort Worth, TX, each of them will benefit your tree.


How We Are Able To Help You

While trimming and pruning seem like an easy endeavor, it does take a lot of work. It doesn’t just involve lopping off branches, there is a science to it and requires specialists who know what they are doing. Fortunately, our professional arborists are here to help. When we trim or prune your trees, we will have a crew that usually consists of three members, which includes two climbers and a ground supervisor. Not only do we have the knowledge and tools to take on large-scale or smaller pruning and trimming jobs, we also abide by comprehensive safety guidelines in order to keep you and your tree safe. At the end of each day, we will clear away pruning and trimming debris so that your property is nice and clean. To make an appointment for tree pruning or tree trimming in Fort Worth, TX, call our office at 817-975-0180!

Additional Tree Services

In addition to our tree pruning and trimming, we also offer other services that will improve the structure of your tree, keep it aesthetically pleasing, and increase its health

If you are interested in any of these services or would like tree pruning or tree trimming for your Fort Worth, TX home or business, call Fort Worth Arborist Co. at 817-975-0180! We are ready to keep your tree looking good, as well as extend its lifespan with our superior services.

What Clients Say

Excellent service; extremely knowledgeable about caring for trees. They have appropriate equipment to do the job. Since Matthew is an accredited arborist,...

I have sought FTW Arborist's services multiple times over the years and they never disappoint. Our front trees are maples, not native to Texas. They've...

One of our neighbor's oak trees had oak wilt, so we called Fort Worth Arborist Co to have them check our trees for problems. They came out the next week and checked our trees and a number of our neighbors' trees as well. Then we received a detailed report via no charge! Excellent company...would highly recommend them any time.