Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX

Are you looking to have a tree removed from your home’s yard? Need professional fertilization done to your tree? Look no further than Fort Worth Arborist Co.! Fort Worth Arborist Co. is a full service arboricultural services company, who is able to provide exceptional tree service in Fort Worth, TX for your home or business. Each and every one of our tree services is scientific and research-based, so you know no matter what type of service we are performing on your trees, it is backed by professional and extensive scientific research. Our biggest priority is to get your trees in the best shape possible and with our budget-friendly and specialty services, we feel confident that we can do just that. If you are interested in working with our ISA certified arborists, call 817-975-0180 today!


Tree Planting and Stump Removal

One of the best ways we are able to add more value to our property, as well as increase the visual appeal is by adding more trees. Not only are their economic and aesthetic benefits to trees, they also have a great impact on our community and environment. At Fort Worth Arborist Co. our arborists are experts in tree planting services. If you are wanting to plant trees or a tree in your home or business’s yard, but aren’t sure what tree you should plant, our arborists can provide expert advice on which tree will look the best and which species is able to survive based on weather and soil conditions, as well as insects and diseases. Our tree planting methods uphold ANSI A-300 standards, so you can feel good knowing that our planting services are done correctly.

While adding trees is a great thing for your property in terms of appearance and value, sometimes it can decrease the value and aesthetic. This is usually due to unsightly stumps from tree removal. Tree stumps don’t just look bad in your yard, they can prove to be a hazard, as well. Fortunately, our professionals have the techniques and training to remove any tree stump that is left in your yard. We can either remove the whole tree stump, roots and all, or we can provide tree stump grinding, which involves removing the stump but leaving the roots of the tree. A lot of people prefer grinding the stump as it doesn’t leave a huge hole in your yard. Whatever method you decide, we are sure to provide you with the very best tree service for your Fort Worth, TX property.


Tree Cleanup After a Storm

Severe storms have the ability to damage several things on our property, including our beautiful trees. Once a storm has passed, it might seem like an easy task to remove broken branches and twigs away, but we highly recommend that when you have storm damage to a tree, you get help from an insured and licensed arborist. Our arborists have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to clean up your property and remove any damaged branches, trunks, and more. Not only is this convenient and fast for our customers, but you can trust that the service is completely effective. We not only want to provide this tree service for our Fort Worth, TX residents because it’s easy for us to do, but because it can keep you and your property safe. We are able to determine if trimming is needed to reduce storm damage in the future and what areas are most susceptible to damage. These inspections that we do are incredibly detailed and will help us make the best decision for you, your property, and your tree. If you need this type of service, please call us at 817-975-0180!

Call Us for Our Tree Service!

If you want to work with arborists who are certified, licensed, and insured, call Fort Worth Arborist Co.! We are able to help you with any type of tree service in Fort Worth, TX that you need for your home or business. From soil aeration to root flare correction, we are the experts you can trust to ensure your tree is thriving and healthy. To get in touch with our team, call us at 817-975-0180 today!

What Clients Say

I have sought FTW Arborist's services multiple times over the years and they never disappoint. Our front trees are maples, not native to Texas. They've...

One of our neighbor's oak trees had oak wilt, so we called Fort Worth Arborist Co to have them check our trees for problems. They came out the next week and checked our trees and a number of our neighbors' trees as well. Then we received a detailed report via no charge! Excellent company...would highly recommend them any time.