Tree Cabling, Bracing, & Grinding

For a lot of trees that are older, have multi-trunks, or have large, open canopies, it can get harder and harder to support their weight. This can either be based on how they grew, or severe winds and extra foliage can put undue stress on the tree. Because of this, there is the risk that trunks and branches will start to decline due to the extra stress, which results in a slew of problems like tree health issues, damages to property, and even the safety of residential and commercial property owners. Instead of having the tree removed, the arborists at Fort Worth Arborist Co. can help by providing tree bracing and tree cabling in Fort Worth, TX.

With the use of strand cables and bracing rods, we can reduce the stress of the tree and provide better support. Using both cabling and bracing can strengthen the branches and trunks while helping extend the life of the tree. Reduce property damage and other injuries by getting bracing and cabling for weakened areas in your tree. Whether your red oak is splitting or you have a cedar elm that has a multi-trunk, we can assess your tree and determine if cabling, bracing, or both are the best solution. Give us a call at 817-975-0180 to find out more!


Tree Stump Grinding

In addition to our tree removal services, we can provide tree stump removal and grinding. Stump removal is when we remove the whole stump, as well as the roots; stump grinding removes the stump of the tree but not the roots. The reason so many choose tree stump grinding versus stump removal is that it’s fast, a huge hole isn’t leftover where the stump was, and the sawdust can be used as mulch. However, if the stump is hazardous, meaning it is infested with disease or insects or possesses a safety risk, or is an eyesore, we will recommend stump removal.

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When you need professional and affordable tree bracing and tree cabling in Fort Worth, TX, please call the ISA certified arborists at Fort Worth Arborist Co.. We are licensed and insured, so we can provide safe cabling and bracing services that will keep you and your property protected. With our bracing and cabling service, we are able to provide extra longevity to your tree and ensure the tree gets better support and a decrease in stress. Call 817-975-0180 to speak with our arborists today about these type of services, or our trimming and pruning services.

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I have sought FTW Arborist's services multiple times over the years and they never disappoint. Our front trees are maples, not native to Texas. They've...