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Our arborist services in Watauga have been designed using leading technology while incorporating a rich knowledge about the surrounding environment to take care of urban trees. our team of experts fosters healthy urban forests that beautify the city while improving its air quality, thus making Watauga even greener.


Your trees are in good hands with our professional arborists who have vast knowledge of tree health, safety, and maintenance because of their extensive experience in arboriculture.


The outstanding dedication of our local arborists to tree care ensures the preservation of Watauga's green legacy, benefiting future generations.


Our aim is to foster sustainability and promote a healthy, green Watauga.

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Years of experience


Tens of thousands of trees cared for


professionally ISA certified, Insured, licensed

Our Specialized Services

While our arborists specialize in larger scale projects for trees, we also offer a wide range of services to help maintain and keep your trees and plants healthy. 

Local Watauga Arborist Services You Can Trust


For over two decades, Texans have trusted the Fort Worth Arborist to look after their trees. If you’re in Watauga, TX, know that we’re here for you too, offering a variety of top-notch tree care services. Our team is made up of ISA-certified arborists who are genuinely passionate about nurturing the health and longevity of your trees. Safety is our top priority, and we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring every job is done right.

We’re not just another company; we’re your neighbors, fully licensed and insured, and renowned in Watauga for our reliability and exceptional quality of work. Our goal is to enhance the value and beauty of your property, all while being mindful and respectful of the environment we share. Need a friendly and professional arborist in Watauga? Give us a call at 817-975-0180 – we’re always here to help!

What We Do ...


Tree Removal

If you are having renovations that require tree removal or you have a dead tree that needs to be removed, call us today!

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Prunning & Trimming

To ensure that your trees are pruned and trimmed accurately, call us for safe and professional tree pruning and trimming services.

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Sick Tree Help

If your tree is infested with insects or diseases, we can diagnose and treat the problem with our scientific based methods.

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Tree Maintenance

Let us ensure that your tree is healthy, growing, and looking beautiful with our yearly tree maintenance services.

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Our Clients Benefit From…


"I recently had Tree Trimming by Fort Worth Arborist come to my house and do some work on my trees. I was so impressed with the job they did! They trimmed, pruned, and removed dead branches from all of our trees in a timely manner, and at very reasonable cost. Their knowledge about tree care is top notch-they gave me great advice about how to maintain the health of my trees."

"I recently had the pleasure of using Tree Trimming by Fort Worth Arborist for my property and I was very impressed. Every single one of their team members were professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The job was completed in a timely fashion with excellent results. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for an outstanding tree trimming service."

"I had an old tree stump in my lawn that was taking up valuable space, but I didn't know what to do with it. Fort Worth Arborist took care of it effortlessly and quickly! They were professional and courteous throughout the whole process, and I now have a much more beautiful lawn thanks to them."

"I had an oak wilt problem in my yard and I was worried about how to care for the tree. The team at Fort Worth Arborist were professional, highly knowledgeable and provided great advice on the best approach for treating the tree. Within weeks, it was looking so healthy again! Highly recommend them!"

How Are We Different?


  • 20+ years of experience
  • Wide array of services to address any problem
  • Professionally licensed and insured
  •  Locally owned and operated


  • Limited experience and knowledge
  • Limited list of services to solve your problem
  • Not licensed or insured
  • Not locally owned
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