Bacterial Leaf Scorch Treatment

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Treatment

While we never think that our trees can become infected with a disease, it’s more common than most people. One of the most prevalent diseases in shade trees like Oak and Elm trees is bacterial Leaf Scorch. First identified in the 80’s, bacterial leaf scorch, or BLS, is when the edges of a leak start to deteriorate; that’s why it’s sometimes referred to as marginal leaf burn. BLS is caused by the bacteria xylella fastidosia which can be spread by insects like treehoppers and leafhoppers, who carry it from tree to tree.

If you have noticed that your shade tree’s leaves look like they have a burnt effect on the edges, call Fort Worth Arborist Co.! Our certified arborists can inspect your tree and determine if it is infected with bacterial leaf scorch. Get in touch with us at 817-975-0180 to find out more about our bacterial leaf scorch treatment in Fort Worth, TX.


What Are the Symptoms of Bacterial Leaf Scorch?

When it comes to bacterial leaf scorch, it can, unfortunately, be a fatal disease for trees. BLS usually appears in the fall, with extensive leaf loss and early leaf browning, it can sometimes be hard to tell if it’s from another type of tree disease. This will continue over a period of time, until twigs and branches turn brown and die, which causes the tree to die.

There is no known treatment for bacterial leaf scorch, but the arborists at Fort Worth Arborist Co. can come up with a bacterial leaf scorch treatment for your Fort Worth, TX trees to manage the disease and slow the degradation of the tree.

We Can Help Manage Your Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Our course of action in regards to bacterial scorch leaf treatment in Fort Worth, TX is following a few basic steps. To keep the tree looking as healthy as possible, it’s important to prune the tree, which we are able to do for our customers. There are also leaf-injections, but they can sometimes do more damage to the tree. All in all, it all depends on the wishes of our customers and if they want to prolong the life of their tree.

One way to completely rid your tree of bacterial leaf scorch is to have it removed. If you are interested in tree removal for your infected tree, you can call us at 817-975-0180. You can trust our arborists to provide you with the best tree disease diagnoses and treatment.


One of our neighbor's oak trees had oak wilt, so we called Fort Worth Arborist Co to have them check our trees for problems. They came out the next week and checked our trees and a number of our neighbors' trees as well. Then we received a detailed report via no charge! Excellent company...would highly recommend them any time.

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