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Sick Tree Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

When we think of how a tree becomes sick, we tend to think its from bacteria, fungus, or insects. While these things are responsible for the decomposition of the tree, they didn’t initially cause the illness. The stress of a tree caused by weather conditions, environmental conditions, soil compaction, over-fertilization, over-watering, and more can weaken the immune system of the tree. When a tree is healthy, it is able to combat insect infestation, as well as fungus and bacteria infestation, but a tree that is weakened due to the listed factors above can become sick and more susceptible to infestation of insects and more.

A lot of times when our trees are sick, it is hard to pinpoint because it happens very gradually. Waiting until the symptoms of a sick tree have progressed make the tree more at risk of being removed altogether. If you have noticed a decline in any of your trees health, Fort Worth Arborist Co. is here to help by providing sick tree treatment in Fort Worth, TX! As professionals in tree health care, our arborists perform scientific, research-based treatments that will get to the root of our problem. Each of our arborists is licensed, insured, and ISA certified, so you will always be working with arboriculture professionals who are able to identify the issue and come up with a treatment plan that is within your budget. Give us a call at 817-975-0180 to find out more!


Sick Tree Symptoms

When determining if a tree is sick, we will look at different parts of the tree. This includes the bark, branches, leaves, roots, and trunk. Our arborists have had the proper training, as well as have the experience, to know what to look for in terms of sickness in a tree. Some of the most common symptoms that we look for are

  • Insect infestation
  • leaf discolorations
  • premature leaf shedding
  • premature leaf shriveling
  • fungus on roots and trunks of trees
  • falling leafless branches
  • big holes in the trunk
  • soggy roots
  • bald spots

If there is something unusual going on with your tree but you aren’t entirely sure it’s sick, you should still call us for sick tree treatment for your Fort Worth, TX home or business.


How To Cure a Sick Tree

We will thoroughly examine and check every inch of your tree to see where the problem lies and come up with a healthcare solution that works for the specific illness, using university-based research to come up with the right treatment for your tree. Whether you need deep aeration or tree injections for disease control, Fort Worth Arborist Co. is here for you. To ensure your tree stays in the best shape possible, we can create custom plans that manage and treat the particular illness. These are some of the treatments we can provide. If for some reason the tree is too far gone, we will have to remove it so that other trees and plants don’t get infected. While this can happen sometimes, the majority of the time we will work as hard as possible to ensure your tree is thriving and healthy once more. Call us at 817-975-0180 to get a free estimate on our sick tree treatment in Fort Worth, TX.


Services We Offer for Diseased and Infested Trees and Plants

Based on the symptoms of a tree will be dependent on what type of treatment we will provide them. There is a wide range of insects and disease that can do a lot of harm to stressed and weakened trees. Fortunately, we have several treatment services that can target the problem and get your tree looking and feeling better.

Insect Infestation Treatment

Disease Treatment

If there is a chance that your tree is sick, please call our expert arborists today at 817-975-0180! We want to be the people who get your tree in better health and we are able to do this with our professional and effective sick tree treatment in Fort Worth, TX. When you contact us for an appointment, we are able to inspect your tree and get to treat it as soon as possible in order to keep it as healthy as possible.

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